Friday, April 17, 2009

Bye Bye Y1B3...Off to BANDUNG!

Salam everyone
It took me exactly one whole block to update my blog (that kinda rhymes). but as you know, my life as a medical student is superbly busy that it does not allow me to write that much...nevertheless, i will still try to write whenever im free... Y1B3 was definately the most challenging block to date.... A lot to memorize and understand.... im just glad its all over now.... im leaving for Bandung tomorrow so im packing my stuffs tonight.... obviously im trying to travel as light as i can...

will update some bandung pics later....insyaAllah

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bye bye Y1B2.......

Alhamdulilah, Y1B2 has officially come to an end. It certainly did not end on a very positive note for me as I was caught by Dr Imad in midst of memorizing and holding a bulk of paper for Academics stuffs. Nevertheless, he just warned me not to do that anymore. It certainly scarred me. On a more positive note, Y1B2 has been a really fun block for me. I thought learning pathology and immunology was very interesting and I enjoyed every bit of it. I work better when I am doing things that I like. To all my friends, I wish you all the best for your examination results. We have used up every once of our body in order to answer the questions and its all over now. Tawakkal to Allah is what is left for us to do. Im sure He knows whats best for us as he is All-Knower and All-Smart.

Y1B3 will soon be approaching us. Parasitology ,Microbiology and Pharmacology await us. Should be very interesting as I dont have a clue what it is all about. Hope all of you will have a beneficial holiday as I will certainly use this 10 precious days to catch up on some series and read The Secret.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008



What a Birthday it was(last week 27th nov)!!! It started at midnight when I got my first message from Raheela. Then the rest came in. Shockingly some people that I dont think ive ever told them the date of my birth also sent messages. Anas then came to my room to wish me as well. Then came Majid .... Thank u all so much.

The morning, I received even more messages. My parents also called and wished me so it kind of made my day. Then I rushed to class only to be told at lecture hall that the class was cancelled. After my breakfast I walked back to my room and slept until Mustakim called. My friends then brought me to Pizza Hut and we had lunch there. (Acun Syazwan Mustakim Shahir Majid Sarah Fatimah Hafidza and Farhana) They also presented me with a card which was signed by most of my classmates. It was the sweetest present! I dont think I can thank you guys enough but some words were very touching....Haha! really!

Acun also gave me a really nice present which i am not going to reveal it here but it will certainly help me especially when the cafes are closed. :D At night I had tadarus as usual and when I got back to my room, there were presents on my table. My Dentistry friends also planned a mini party for me that night as they bought a few slices of cake from Secret Recipe and we ate together.

Before I end this post I would again would like to thank all my friends especially Syazwan for always being my best friend and Acun for also planning the whole thing out! Thanks also to everyone who made my day a great one. Hopefully u guys enjoyed planning it as much as I enjoyed 'eating' it. Seriously i ate alot that day. *burp* Alhamdulilah

Till then!

Azm@d .................

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Merdeka.... Going back to Civilization


Counting the days .... cant wait to go back home end of this month.... but before that got minitest, so gotta work really hard for it. At the moment ive adapted pretty well into the Kuantan lifestyle. The public transport services here are atrocious!! so hard to get a cab... dont even mention bus. I dont think it eva exists... Nevertheless, my friends made my life in Kuantan very enjoying and fruitful... I dont even know why am I typing a new post... its not like anyone is going to read it anyway..... Olympics are starting this weekend and I can't watch my fav tennis players battle it out for the elusive gold medal...i need broadband!!!!!!!! Celcom...please do more offers and discounts.. I will follow U!!!!...(itu digi punya kan).... tapi wait for JPA first lar.... till then....

Kuantan Kareem


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Had to do a blog

Not that i really want to do it but because I want to post at my batch's blog so I made one..... dont expect much ya