Friday, April 17, 2009

Bye Bye Y1B3...Off to BANDUNG!

Salam everyone
It took me exactly one whole block to update my blog (that kinda rhymes). but as you know, my life as a medical student is superbly busy that it does not allow me to write that much...nevertheless, i will still try to write whenever im free... Y1B3 was definately the most challenging block to date.... A lot to memorize and understand.... im just glad its all over now.... im leaving for Bandung tomorrow so im packing my stuffs tonight.... obviously im trying to travel as light as i can...

will update some bandung pics later....insyaAllah

1 comment:

ANAS!!! said...

do you realize that ur posting before this one is Bye Bye Y1B2.

So, u have not been writing for the entire block.. Hahaha

so, the next posting is Bye Bye Y1B4??